Building CSR project plans based on our vision, values, CSR pillars and more


In 1947, the Group's journey began with a passionate chemsitry teacher's entrepreneurship, evolving into Lebanon's leading distributor and brand franchise operator. Amid the challenges of the Lebanese civil war, our foundations strengthened, fostering strategic partnerships. 

In 2010, our transformative journey integrated values, culture, corporate citizenship, and governance into our DNA, leading to initiatives like HOLDAL E-commerce and Last Mile Delivery, emphasizing private labels and vertical integration.

We joined the United Nations Global Compact and Global Compact Lebanon in January 2018, supporting the 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. In reality, these principles have been an intrinsic part of our Group from its very beginnings. 

In 2021, the 3rd generation took the lead, accelerating our Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability agenda. 

This commitment provides us with an opportunity to enhance our process, roadmap, reporting, and measurement tools, allowing us to partner with the private and public sector to share best practices and add more value to our community.

A process that takes continuous education, awareness and discipline.

HOLDAL integrates five key Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) - 3,4,5,12,and 17. 

We believe achieving these goals is a collective responsibility for business growth and sustainability. 

To meticulously manage our strategic plans and progress reports, we have established an agile cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team dedicated to each SDG, led by specific Co-Leads who will provide annual progress reports to the CEO. 

These teams, driven by their passion, purpose, and expertise, are actively contributing to our impact and sustainability transformation journey. 

In the face of local challenges, HOLDAL stands as a force for good, supporting families and upholding the principles of the UN Global Compact, encompassing Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption, all aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Committed to impact-driven entrepreneurship, we actively seek partnerships for a better future. 

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