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We believe that solid and genuine CSR is a long-term commitment and process that takes continuous education, awareness and discipline.

At HOLDAL, we constantly challenge the way we work by analyzing our socio-economic context and building our yearly CSR project plan that is based on our vision, our values, our CSR pillars and key learnings of previous years.

Our method of work includes prioritizing basic needs, planning our CSR projects and events ahead of time, constantly measuring progress and focusing on highly impactful projects. Our commitment is not only about providing financial support, but also about volunteering, offering trainings through sharing best practices and helping in raising awareness on the cause itself through online and offline communication platforms.

A process that takes continuous education, awareness and discipline.

Everyone at HOLDAL is committed to perpetrating the family values and heritage by dedicating the time and the resources to the three CSR pillars which have become an integral part of our company's strategy:

Saving lives:

To many, basic needs such as food, water, shelter, security and health are a mere luxury. To combat this dilemma, HOLDAL partners with various specialized associations and NGOs.

Empowering communities:

With education at the core of this pillar, HOLDAL aims at empowering communities by improving social care and wellbeing, fighting discrimination, promoting women and children rights, and nurturing entrepreneurship.

Sustainable development:

HOLDAL is determined to promote a greener Levant and to maximize its impact on the environment by 2020, through its recycling program, awareness campaigns and the integration of green technologies in all operations and facilities.

With the ongoing refugee and garbage crises, the drastic increase in violence, insecurity and violation of human rights, HOLDAL’s focus for the coming year is on implementing all three CSR pillars effectively with women and children as our main target.

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