We deliver array of solutions to cater to our multi-generational workforce

Hiring Process
Apply online
Initial Interview
Final Interview
Job Offer
Step 1 : Apply online

To submit your application, you can refer to our ‘Careers’ section and apply for the role that best suits your experience. If you do not see a suitable vacancy, please do submit your CV for future references.

To apply, please follow the LinkedIn application process.

Step 2 : Initial Interview

After you have submitted your application and if your qualifications match our requirements, you will be invited for an initial competency-based interview where your skills and abilities will be assessed

Step 3 : Assessments

If you have successfully made it through the initial interview, you will be asked to complete an assessment to measure your skills.

Step 4 : Final Interview

Based on the test results, you will be invited for a final interview to better assess your skills and expertise as a whole.

Step 5 : Job Offer

If you are selected after the recruitment process, you will be contacted by one of our HR officers with your offer of employment.

Step 6 : Onboarding

After receiving your job offer, you will be given the opportunity to attend a two-day training where you will be introduced to HOLDAL’s world and culture.

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