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Our Team
Hear from our team as they tell you what they value the most at HOLDAL.
Edgard Kai - Business Manager, Pharmaceutical Department

“My tenure at HOLDAL is very rewarding, an evolutionary one I might say. 25 years ago, I began my journey as a Brand Manager, but I did not end there; HOLDAL has given me the opportunity to grow and fulfill my career goals. Today, with the management’s trust and support, I am proud to say that I am heading the Pharmaceutical department. As a Business Manager, I have a lot of responsibilities, my job is very challenging, and the challenge is what I like about it! Throughout these years, I was given the chance to develop my skills; and I still learn something new every single day. I am proud to say that I grew in a culture that values team work and integrity, and has a great vision for the future”

Julien Abi Hanna - Commercial Manager, Perfumes and Cosmetics

"I can’t believe it has been more than 15 years working at HOLDAL. Time flies when you're learning and achieving your goals and I am incredibly grateful for being part of such a wonderful organization. I remember when I started my career as an accountant and climbed my career ladder step by step achieving both my personal and career goals. During my employment, I have been exposed to different units and operations including different markets as well which challenges me and develops my skills and I and knowledge on a daily basis. I don't consider HOLDAL to be just an organization; I am proud to say that I will always call this place my second home. I truly love working in an organization that does so much for its employees as well as encourages and acknowledges their growth on a regular basis. My future is bright at HOLDAL and I am ready to continue to venture in new possibilities in my career. I look forward to many more years and an exciting future at HOLDAL."

Charles Chamoun - COO and CFO

"Employees often feel they belong to a company. At Holdal, you rapidly come to feel the company belongs to you and you work passionately."

Imad Abou Jneid - Business Manager, Fast Fashion

"Accomplishment, recognition and freedom are my key drivers and this is what I found at HOLDAL"

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