We deliver array of solutions to cater to our multi-generational workforce

    HOLDAL offers university students a remarkable experience through its summer internship program through which interns are given the opportunity to transfer their knowledge into practice.
    The internship program takes place during the months of June to August of every year.

    We offer internships in various departments so students have the opportunity to take part in.


    To apply, please send your CV to: joinus@holdalgroup.com

Pamela Kassouf

“Upon obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration I had the opportunity to fulfill a 6-month internship at Cadrans that provided me with significant knowledge and exposure in the high-end watches and jewelry business.

This experience enriched me not only with the operation itself, but also in the aspiration of becoming a full time employee at HOLDAL Group by giving me the opportunity to join as a Junior Brand Manager upon completing my degree. Today and 4 years later, I have grown to represent 3 luxury brands and I am encouragingly working on challenging myself within the company.”

Michael Zahran

“As a student, HOLDAL gave me the opportunity to explore the real world of Marketing. During my fruitful internship in the Marketing department, I had the pleasure of working with a very friendly and supportive team who taught me a great deal about different aspects of the business. This internship gave me a lot of new experience and I truly recommend it to every student”

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