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My GoodWillbox

Dear Customers,


Welcome to ‘MY GOODWILL BOX’, our initiative to help our community and country during these challenging times. 

"There’s nothing more contagious than the dignity of a father" - Amit Ray

A father should feel loved and cared for every day. So let’s come together this Father’s Day to pass on the love and safety our fathers have given us to less privileged dads.
Donate today in cash in our stores or by credit card.

Holdal Group will top up the equivalent amount collected by August 14, which will go to show love to @thehouseofchristmas dads
Thank you for your generosity and solidarity!

The House of Christmas (HOC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2017 to assist families and individuals in distress across Lebanon. HOC stands for the ‘House’ as a place of shelter, a basic right for every human being, and a symbol of strong foundations in life. HOC helps families and people regain their dignity, achieve their purpose, and build sustainable lives.

After the August 4th blast, HOC has taken additional responsibilities as part of the Together LiBeirut campaign to help support the sustainable recovery of the capital, namely:

- Full restoration of heritage buildings and public spaces in hit areas; as part of their Heritage intervention

- Rehabilitation and strategic support of micro and small businesses to ensure their sustainability and protect jobs; as part of their Livelihood intervention

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