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My GoodWillbox

Dear customers,
Welcome to ‘MY GOODWILL BOX’, MyHOLDAL initiative to help our community and country during these challenging times.

Together we have a critical role in paving the way for a fairer, safer, more transparent country where we all can live with dignity.
Holdal has been conducting solidarity drives for years but we believe that given the current circumstances, we have a duty to expand our initiatives and this is how we decided to enlarge our internal program ‘MY GOODWILL BOX’ to reach as many people as possible.

We have decided to collaborate every month with a different NGO to support them and provide them more touch points to make their voice heard.
From June 1st to June 20th, in partnership with Beit El Baraka, ‘MY GOODWILL BOX’ will provide the fathers of Beit El Baraka with a new meaning to Father’s Day.
Your father is your support.

You can donate cash or by credit card in any Holdal store from as little as 5,000 LBP or on MyHoldal platform or on Beit El Baraka .


Know more about MyHoldal by visiting the website.

For Information

Beit El Baraka’s mission is to ensure a sense of dignity to hard-working citizens, by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In a spirit of respect and support, it aims to provide a tailor-made accurate and beneficial response to Lebanon’s economic and multi-dimensional challenges that are depriving many Lebanese citizens of their most basic needs and rights.

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